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Infrastructure Contributions Review

About the Issues Paper  

The NSW Productivity Commissioner has released an Issues Paper as part of his review into the infrastructure contributions system in New South Wales.  

The Issues Paper aims to open the conversation into how infrastructure is currently funded in New South Wales, focusing on the role of infrastructure contributions and the key issues and challenges encountered in its application.  

Public submissions are encouraged to respond to the discussion questions outlined in the Issues Paper. This feedback will be used to inform the direction and consideration of potential reform options by the Commission. 




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Issues Paper

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Media Release

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Have your say 

The Issues Paper was released on 8 July 2020 and is open for public feedback until 5 August 2020.  

You can provide your feedback by sending your submission to  

These submissions can be of any length or format and do not need to cover every discussion question raised in the Issues Paper.  

Submissions may be published on the Productivity Commission website unless accompanied by a request for confidentiality. Due to privacy reasons, personal details, including name, address and contact details will be redacted from submissions before they are published.  


Next steps  

Stakeholder roundtables will be held during August to further refine the proposed reform options under consideration.  

A Final Report containing recommendations for reform will be presented to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces towards the end of 2020.  




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Release of the Issues Paper 

Consultation is open for submissions from 8 July to 5 August 2020 

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Stakeholder Roundtables 

Testing of potential reform options under consideration with key stakeholder groups in August 2020 

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Presentation of Final Report  

Final recommendations will be presented to the Minister by October 2020 




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FAQs for the Issues Paper

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Terms of Reference

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Announcement Media Release

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