About the Discussion Paper

The NSW Productivity Commissioner has released a Discussion Paper titled Kickstarting the productivity conversation, the first in a series of papers to shape the productivity reform agenda for New South Wales.

The Discussion Paper aims to commence a conversation about how the NSW Government can best support continued growth in living standards in the years ahead, recognising that higher productivity growth is key to ensuring this.

The Discussion Paper identifies six priority areas with potential to boost productivity in New South Wales:

  1. Building human capital for a modern and evolving economy
  2. Reliable, sustainable and productive use of our water and energy
  3. Smart ways to get more from our infrastructure
  4. Modernising our tax system to help our economy grow
  5. Planning for the housing we want and the jobs we need, and 
  6. Forward looking regulation to support competition and innovation.

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The media release can be downloaded here.

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The Productivity Commissioner welcomes your feedback on whether the right priorities have been identified and what policy options should be considered.

This feedback will inform the development of a Productivity Green Paper. Following a further round of consultation, final recommendations to improve productivity will be outlined in the Productivity White Paper later in 2020. The Government will then consider the White Paper recommendations and prepare a Government response.

Consultation on the Discussion Paper is now open and will close on 27 November 2019.

Guidelines for submissions

Lodge your submission online using the form below. In particular, we welcome responses on the focus questions in each section of the paper, although we welcome feedback outside of these questions as well. Submissions can be short or long and do not need to cover every issue raised. 

Where possible, you should provide evidence, such as relevant data and documentation, to support your views. While we won't be able to respond to every submission, all submissions will be considered in the analysis of this consultation.

Technical requirements

  • Submissions can be provided by typing directly into the text box and / or by uploading a PDF attachment. Only PDF files will be accepted (no word or excel files).

  • Do not send password-protected files.

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  • Do not send us material for which you are not the copyright owner - such as newspaper articles - you should just reference or link to this material in your submission.

In confidence

  • This is a public review. However, information which is of a confidential nature or which is submitted in confidence can be treated as such by the Productivity Commissioner, provided the cause for such treatment is shown.

  • The Productivity Commissioner may also request a non-confidential summary of the confidential material it is given, or the reasons why a summary cannot be provided.

  • Material supplied in confidence should be clearly marked 'IN CONFIDENCE' and be in a separate attachment to non-confidential material.

  • You are encouraged to contact the Productivity Commissioner for further information and advice before submitting such material.


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If you have any questions, please contact us by email or by phone (02 9228 4796).


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